Friday, June 29, 2012

Our Spindle Dilemma

After our pre construction meeting with our SR and PM we got to thinking about something that the PM said.  he mentioned our staircase would be capped with a knee wall and that we would not have a baluster.  I must admit I was rather confused because this is our first home.  T emailed the SR and asked her what "capped" meant.  She was very quick to send us pictures of another home that was being constructed and had a knee wall staircase.  We were so glad we asked because every home we saw in person and the many helpful blogs had spindles.  We took it for granted and assumed the spindles were standard.  We immediately communicated to the SR that we wanted spindles.  Even though materials had already beed ordered they agree to put in a CO without the late fee, because the SR admitted that she was not clear on this option upfront.  We are very grateful to our SR and PM for making our experience as stress free as they can.  The most important thing we have learned to to ask a lot of questions, and then ask some more.

Here is what it would have looked like without the upgrade

And here is what it will look like with the upgrade (Stolen from Rachel, Thanks!)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Met with PM

Model of a Verona
Our lot

Today is the final day to make any changes before we break ground next week.  We met with our PM and sales representative to go over all the selections we've made and made sure all our questions were answered before everything is ordered.  We are very happy to finally be done and get started on construction.  The whole process has been fairly easy and straight forward and Ryan Homes as held our hands through every moment.  I'll start posting all the selections we've made starting tomorrow and go over the floor plan.