Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My first disappointment of the build

Today I experienced the first disappointment of the build so far.  There have been a couple of delays with the concrete and plumbing work so we haven't been out for a few days to visit.  I was told the garage and basement floor were to be poured today.  I drove out to the home site after work to see some progress and found no concrete poured.  Delays happen, I understand.  I just don't enjoy driving out there, for nothing. I am told we are right on schedule.  I think we will switch to only visiting once a week to avoid trips like the one today.

Now for my 2nd piece of disappointment.  The garage.  It looks absolutely tiny.  I knew the garage dimensions were not ideal for me in any Ryan home, but we liked so many other things that I decided to proceed.  Let me say, as the man of the relationship, all I cared about was the garage and the basement.  So naturally I am disappointed to see a garage layout that seem to small to even park both of our cars in.  Maybe it is my eyes playing tricks on me because there are no walls for me to focus on right now.  I sure hope so, because right now is the most unexcited I have been since we stepped foot in the neighborhood a few months back.

If anyone can send me links to pictures of their cars parked in the garage I would appreciate it.  All the pictures I have seen are of empty garages. I know the stairs will take up a few feet, and I can't even picture my car fitting in and being able to walk around the car.  Someone please send me some pictures that will make me excited again!


  1. Hi Cubbies, sorry to hear of your disappointment; however, I have driven to our community and have seen people either driving into their garage or the garage was open and noticed that two cars can fit inside the garage. They were able to do this because their garage has minimal items stored inside of it. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to share. Check the measurements on your floor plan for garage. I have done this with several different models and most of the square footage is similar. My husband and I already know that we cannot fit both of our vehicles in the garage because I will be using part of it for storage and his F150, my BMW sports utility and his harley will not fit. So the compromise was to pick a lot with a long drive way for his truck and for my vehicle and his harley to be housed in the garage. Bottom line--two cars can fit; but it just depends on the type and size of the vehicles.

    1. Thanks. We did get the 3 car garage so i will have room for my Ducati and my all of my tools in the 3rd car section. However I was hoping to keep a lot of space in that area for my workshop, but fear I will have to use most of it as storage to avoid parking outside. Unfortunately out HOA will not allow storage sheds, which I just found out. I was hoping to keep the mower and landscaping tools in a shed to limit the storage requirements in the garage. I am sure we can make it work. I should just stop whining :)

    2. Yes, I hear you and I feel you! I am having a storage system built in the garage and a mini workshop area for is Harley stuff. Don't worry, be happy!! We are building our new homes...HOLLA!!

  2. Once you have the staircase put in the garage (ours is directly in the center of the rear wall, essentially 4'x4') we can only fit the avg size volvo sedan (14' long) with any real walking space, our mid-sized suv (16' long) will not fit by a few inches and our expedition might as well get used to having a suntan. Both of the smaller cars would normally fit with no staircase in the way, or if the stairs were off to the side.

  3. We only have two stairs into the house, so the stairs take up minimal space. We have a midsize SUV and it fits with walking room either in front OR behind with no problem. However, the entire other side of the garage is currently filled with bikes, so my husband has the pleasure of parking outside. We are allowed to have a shed, so once we get that and do some organization we are pretty sure we will fit both our midsize cars in the garage. However, we are really missing the 3 car garage from our former house right now!