Saturday, August 4, 2012

Framed and wrapped

Drove out to the homesite this evening after the storms stopped and we were pleasantly surprised to see this.

It appears as though roofing is the next step.  I hope the rains hold off on monday so they can get the roof done in one day.  We did find something funning going on with the bonus room window.  Check it out for yourself.

That is the truss from the 3 car garage covering a portion of the window frame.  I emailed the PM and he said the plans did not get updated and we will still have a window here, but it will be shorter.  I would almost rather not have a window there period because I think it will look funny to have a larger window on the same wall with the smaller window.  What do you guys think?

Here are some more random pictures.

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  1. There are some elevations that do have different window sizes on the same row, ie Belford, Venice, Verona etc. Some windows are standard and RH requires them from community to community. I would make a special request to delete the window if you really do not like it; however, they may require you to get a permit for the change which may take some time. Honestly, since the house is up they may not make the change and if they do they will charge you a fee because the deadline for structural changes have past. You may want to consider having the PM shorten it as suggested because it is definitely an obstruction.