Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Week 6

Thanks to the SR, she let us know that are windows (what's left of them) are all in with the coil around them.  So we visited the house to see the garage doors, front door already installed.  

Our brick has also been delivered.  We visited the site with the family, twice, over the weekend and noticed
that a good portion of our windows has been stolen as well as the patio door overnight.  We notified our SR and she said it's normal for that to happen.  To me, it seems kinda silly that they left the pile of our windows and doors right next to the street uncovered.  You'd think Ryan Homes would at least attempt to conceal the product to cut down on the costs, time of reordering, and shipping.

It's definitely getting more and more exciting seeing so much being done.  I understand now how hard it is not going to the site everyday.  Only 54 more days until its all over and we have our first home.  K also called NVR and locked in our rate at 3.75.  If we waited another month we could've saved a couple hundred dollars on our mortgage.  It's a huge risk to take waiting another month hoping the rates don't rise.

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  1. I find it rather interesting that people are stealing the materials. It's unthinkable!! They are making great progress and I love the front door! I wish we had the option of getting that door because my husband is insisting on knowing who is on the opposite side instead of using a peep hole. lol He plans to install another door right after closing!