Thursday, August 16, 2012

Inspections and Thieves

It is official, the thievery has delayed our progress.  If you have read some of our previous posts you may have noticed that first 1/2 of our windows, and our sliding glass door were stolen.  Because the door was missing, someone stole the furnace that had already been installed the prior day.  Now Ryan can't do the siding or insulation without the windows, and we can't do energy star without the furnace.  I find is simply amazing that anyone could take something that they did not work for.  I imagine that somehow these assholes justify this because they are stealing from a builder and not a person, but think about how much more Ryan could afford to give us if they did not have to account for thieves.

On another note, we decided to hire a private inspector to inspect the home pre-drywall.  This went better than I hoped.  The inspector said it was built very well.  He sees a lot of builders cut corners, and this was not the case in our home.  He also said he would be happy if it were his home.  This is the best money I have spent so far, an  I plan to have him our again right before closing so he can fully test everything, and do a radon test.

Earlier in the week I had sent my PM at list of 17 items that I wanted to address/request.  So far everything has been fixed/changed or have received a promise or acceptable fix.  Although we are still waiting for the final verdict on the roof, I feel good that they are working on getting the shingle manufacturer to make it right.

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