Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Week 8, Pre-drywall meeting

We met with our PM today for our pre drywall meeting.  It took about an hour.  I hadn't been to see the house since last week and the insulation was up on the walls.  We got our 2nd delivery of windows and they were installed.  Our new furnace came in and that was installed too!  Woo!

Talk about total paranoia now.  I was watching a white pick up truck, with lots of ladders, at it sat for five minutes outside our house.  I know he was getting ready to take something so I stared him down and he left.

Almost everything that we've requested to get changed/ fixed, Ryan has done so.  Still waiting to hear about what's going on with the roof.

Next step is an inspection from our town, then drywall will start Friday.  Quite possibly the siding will start this weekend!

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  1. Hi Cubbies, glad everything is working out now! It's a shame people are stealing the merchandise. I am GLAD you scared them off. Next time, get the license plate and call the police. This would definitely send an alert to the community and catch the thieves!!