Sunday, August 12, 2012

Good and not so good

We went out to the house yesterday to check it out.  We found some good stuff and some bad stuff.

The Good

The brick was on the house and I really like it.  I was not expecting to have it around the porch slab, but there it was.  I think it is going to look really nice.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see the plumbing nearly done.  The shower basin and tub were also set in place.

I was also happy that the crew came out and cleaned the mold off of the trusses and coated them with something that will prevent mold in the future.  As soon as I mentioned mold it was taken very seriously by Ryan, and we appreciate that.  

The not so good

Still waiting on windows because 1/2 of them were stolen.  This is not Ryan fault, but it would be nice to have windows in our house.  We also noticed yesterday that the furnace was gone that was there Thursday.  I hope that did not get stolen as well.

The biggest source of disappointment is the roof.  First off the shingles are the wrong color, or at least not what we thought we were going to get.  Our neighbors have a nice brownish grey color and we have a solid grey.  It does not look nearly as nice as the neighbors houses.  I am hoping they replace it all.  In my opinion the roof also need to be redone for another reason.  It is awful.  The shingle installation does not look professional.  Ridge vents are not nearly long enough to cover the gap and there are just shingles over a 4 inch gap in the wood.  Not sure if you can tell from the picture below but the roof is cut wrong and that is the underneath side of shingle you see.  it is not the bottom of the ridge vent.

Now for above roof picture of what you are seeing there.  As you can tell from the picture below it is not right.  I am no roof inspector but this is obviously wrong and will leak for sure.

Other than these obvious issues I think the rest of the roof looks wavey and uneven.  This could be because the shingles have not settled, but you tell me if I am crazy.  It may be hard to tell but the roof is not flat at the edge.  Let me say our neighbors roofs look far more professional than our does, so I am sure it is not a practice of Ryan homes in general to do bad roofs.   My guess is that we just got a bad crew.

After looking at everyones very helpful blogs I came to the conclusion that we do not have enough ridge vent.  the wood on the roof was was obviously setup for entire length ridge vent similar to this one.  (notice the nearly full length ridge vents)

Here what ours looks like.  (You may have to zoom to se anything)

We also made a couple of requests to have some vents moved. and some bracing added so we could mount our TV.  I hope they do this for us.  I am thinking they will.

Our neighbor's roof (notice the dimensional look)

Our Zebra stripe roof (notice the vertical lines of alternating dark/light).  Anyone know what was wrong with the installation to look like this?


  1. That's odd. Everyone in our community has the same shingles. I look forward to hearing what your PM has to say about this.

  2. Your neighbors probably had those stripes at first, too. When the shingles are first put on they do that - unless it's super hot. Once the sun melts them to the roof the stripes disappear. We had the same thing at first.