Saturday, September 22, 2012

2 Weeks Left

As you may have read last week, we were down to 3 weeks left and our PM had a vacation this week.  We were given a replacement PM for the week.  Let me just say that we are very grateful to the guy who stepped in.  He was was terrific and gave us some piece of mind.  We are getting a lot more excited and a lot less nervous.  So many items on my list of 53 items were addressed this week.  Not everything on my list could be fixed, because it was just too late.  One thing was the bulkhead in the kitchen.  If you have a basement, do not let them put a bulkhead in the kitchen.  You should only have a bulkhead in the kitchen if you have the verona built on a slab.  I am not sure why no one caught this before the electricians ran a lot of wiring though the bulkhead.  It is most certainly not the fault of the electricians.  They run wiring in the most efficient way possible, and if there is a bulkhead there they will run wiring though it.  Now we have a bulkhead that we should not have and it cannot be fixed without rewiring the entire kitchen.  We do appreciate the interim PM attempting to find a solution, but unfortunately none could be found.

On the bright side we had a lot of positive things happen since my last post.  Here are a few pictures.

Roof gets re-shingled today!

Powder Room


Living Room

Dining Room

Our Awesome Oven and Microwave

Newly Installed Attic access in garage

Bonus Room

Master Bath

 Master Closet

Master Toilet room

Master Vanity

Optional Bonus room closets

 2nd Bath

laundry room closet 

Our arch is no longer lumpy


Family Room


Coach lights and House Numbers


  1. Cubbies, your house looks wonderful! I love the ORB fixtures in your bathrooms. They really add character to the bathrooms. We did not have that option, which sucks. I guess it would have had to be a special request, go figure. How do you get them to NOT install a bulkhead in your kitchen? I know those of us building a ROME have the bulkhead in the kitchen taking up valuable space!

    1. Can you please turn off the word verification on your blog--it makes us bloggers decipher this weird word pattern to leave comments. Ugghhh thank you . You can find it under settings and just say NO!

  2. Done... The trick is to read the blue prints yourself. Bulkheads are required in homes with no basement cuz the space is needed for a vent. As far as the Oil rubbed bronze, we had options of brushed nickel, chrome or oil rubbed bronze in our area. Of course the ORB and brushed nickel cost extra.