Wednesday, September 26, 2012

lots of blue tape, and some new toys

Last night I took a trip out to the house.  the porch was still broken, but a lot had been done inside.  there were hundreds of pieces of blue tape stuck all over everything.  I took a roll of my own tape and joined the taping party.  I have to admit it was kind of fun.

I was called Monday by our interim PM.  He stated I should talk to him now and not my regular PM.  They both are going to be working on my home until it is completed next week, but my point of contact would be the interim PM.  I will be happy to accept as many PM's has ryan will give me.  I think they read my blog, so that was a reaction to my last post about being unhappy.  Even though I know may last post was spot on, I still feel bad about coming across like I was bashing my old PM.  He is a good guy that just got too busy to keep up in my opinion.

Now some toys to show off.  I have had my eye on a particular washer/dryer for a few weeks now.  checking everyday to see if a retailer would really have a great sale.  This particular washer/dryer combo consistently had the best reviews of any washer/dryer I could find anywhere.  Homedepot, Best buy, Sears, HH Gregg and several online only retailers had it the highest average user rating and around $850 each.  I happened to check Appliance Connection today and they had the best sale ever, so I bought them both.  I was able to get them for $723 each, free in home shipping, and $40 mail in rebate, and $45 off coupon from  Oh, and the best part is that I avoided sales tax.

Model #: 



Model #: LG DLEX2650W


And this awesome ceiling fan from for the family room


  1. I love new toys! It always feels like Xmas! Lovely Fan!

  2. Love your are able to purhase them without closing yet....we have been TOLD not to buy a damn thing........not to withdraw alot of money.........its killing me....????

    BTW love your garage doors and your 3rd garage, we gave up our dream of having a nice garage and my hubby still isnt over it yet....i feel bad for him....