Friday, September 14, 2012

3 more weeks and a new roof

If you have read any of our older posts you may have seen me write about our shingle issues.  We received confirmation yesterday morning that the shingles were deemed defective by the manufacturer and they have agreed to to replace them.  The new ones were delivered today and they are hoping to start re-roofing tomorrow.

coach lights are awesome, but a little crooked

I think I will be repainting the door!

They added some brick to this area at my request, since they had a lot left over.  Also a good shot of the flower box.

Just waiting on the white columns and some stairs.

the kitchen counter tops are in and most of the cabinets are installed.  They had to come back and reframe a section of the kitchen because the bulkhead was too low for our upgraded cabinets.  This is delaying some of the cabinet installation, but it should be all set next week.


  1. Wow, you are almost there! I like the color of you're brick. You used the extra brick wisely!

  2. Your roof looks awesome! It created a very grand look for your house. But yeah, I really think you need to change the door. :) By the way, I noticed that the dominant color of your interiors complements the color of your home’s façade. Great job in doing this! It will surely boost not just the aesthetic value of your home, but also its market price.

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