Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Week 12

We are looking at 16 days until we close.  Our PM is on vacation all this week so they have a substitute that is doing a wonderful job on helping us solve our issues.  One huge issue is the roof.  There's a picture below of them re-doing our roof and from the 2 minutes I watched the roofers, I knew something wasn't right again.  It made me worried and paranoid they weren't going to do it right at all.  I sent an email to my SR and she informed her manager and Ryan has agreed, for our trouble,s that they will be ripping off what they've done so far and giving us a free upgrade to Heritage dimensional shingles.  I'm hoping it'll look awesome.  We'll be the only ones in the neighborhood with it.
We got our dishwasher installed and it was not what we were expecting.  We were pleasantly surprised to see that our dishwasher was upgraded because the one we agreed to is discontinued.  So we looked up the stove too and that's also discontinued and we'll be expecting an upgrade on that too!  
The basement has been insulated and pressure washed and is ready to go.  All the cabinets in the kitchen are installed.  They installed some crooked and 1 inch higher than the others, were the fridge is going.  Also, they decided to install a drop ceiling where one wasn't called for and not needed.  Hopefully we can get that fixed soon.  Carpet started going in today too!  We started a long list of to do's for Ryan and I'm hoping it'll all get done on time.

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