Sunday, September 30, 2012

4 days left!

Well, this last week went by quickly and the Ryan team was busy.  Front porch, check!  Trees and shrubs, check! Roof, check!

Brick work, check!

Master bath tile, check!  BTW, tell them to not install the soap dish or they might put in over your shower seat!

 I guess you could call this our back porch, for now.
 Isn't the roof pretty?

Kitchen, with the dumb, unexplained bulkhead, check!

Just about all that is left is the sod, finish the downspout on the front porch, touch up all the blue tape areas (especially the banister).  They got white paint and stain everywhere!  Appliance connection dropped the ball  with the washer and dryer and the washer is on backorder and can't be delivered for 3 weeks.  We decided to cancel that order and have Best Buy deliver and install the same day the fridge is coming.  Much easier anyway.  Not sure how he expected me to help him carry the washer and dryer up the stairs.  We also went to Lowes and bought our light fixture for over the penninsula.  It's going to look cool.  Only 4 more days and we are officially homeowners.


  1. This is wonderful Cubbies! I can't wait until my countdown is that low! AND, i hope they clean up that mess! Lots of people have complained about the cleaning. btw-that was pretty smart o cancel the other transaction!

  2. Congratulations, you’re finally homeowners now! Such a beautiful and big house; every room and area looks perfect! And oh, your roof is pretty cool! The color is nice, and it looks sturdy. What material did you choose for it? By the way, since you’re homeowners now, one of your responsibilities is to regularly clean and inspect your roof, so you can both prevent and promptly address any kind of roofing problem.

    Rodney Orton

  3. thanks!. we hired our own inspector before we signed for the house. The roof is Tamko architectural shingle. I believe it is a 40 year shingle. it was not supposed to be available in our neighborhood but since we had so many issues with our first 2 roofs they hooked us up. No one else has it. We plan to have it inspected again before the 10 month inspection.