Saturday, September 8, 2012

A good Saturday

Today we went to visit the house.  We were told a lot had been done since we saw it last, so we were excited.  We arrive to see 3 vans worth of workers.  The trim carpenters were finishing the trim.  The cabinets guys were installing cabinets, the the tiling crew was tiling the master bath room.  The non-carpet flooring had been installed earlier this week, and we were happy to see it looked good.  The spindles are also mostly installed.  We also went to Best buy and purchased a fridge.  We had one picked out and I had been watching the sales.  it was the lowest Price I had seen after 2 months of watching.  best buy was able to delay the delivery (which was free) until October 6th, the day after we close.




Master bath


  1. I absolutely love the fridge!! What model number is it? You also have some very nice hardwood floors and bathroom! Plus the exterior colors are awesome!!

    1. RF4287HARS is the model number of the fridge ($2099 at Best buy $3199 MSRP). It is the best reviews fridge on the internet and it is huge inside. Samsung also makes it with a color LCD with apps you can use for looking at weather and creating grocery lists. it was a $300 upgrade. We would have sprung for it if the reviews were better. Most reviews complain about the wifi connection dropping so much the apps would not work. While at best buy we witnessed it drop wifi connection while playing with it, so we passed on that feature.

  2. I did read the reviews about the Samsung with apps and was disappointed about the reviews because I love the app option! It's nice to see the fridge with the four doors which is the other feature I like about it! I am hoping to get a good deal on a fridge around good Friday or Monday since we close in December. What are the colors of your bathroom it's very pretty?

  3. the tile is 'bone' and i can't remember what the accent tile is called. Best buy seemed to have no problem holding onto the fridge for a while before delivery. We did a month, i bet they would hold it longer if you find a good deal before december.